Salukis – With Others


Oonagh lives with Jeff and Kathy Lipps in Ohio, USA.

Click through to Oonagh’s page on the Windrush website for a summary of her achievements.


Thea lives with Belinda Mitchell (Daingeann Hungarian Vizslas) in New South Wales.

Thea is part of our future breeding plans.


Sookie lives with Tracy Bassett (Espinay Pyrenean Mountain Dogs) in New South Wales.

Click through to Sookie’s page on the Espinay website for a summary of her achievements.

Sookie is part of our future breeding plans.


Zephyr lives with Danielle Simpson, Sarah Pemberton and his Portuguese Water Dog friends in Western Australia. Zephyr suffered a catastrophic injury to his scapula as a young dog which ended his lure coursing and show career. Thanks to his owners’ dedication, he still lives an active and interesting life (shown here at a tracking trial).


Simirah lives with Kay Marshall and her Tibetan Spaniel friends in Western Australia.


Banou lives with Rana Spencer (Etaal Salukis) in Queensland. Banou is very close to her Championship title and loves lure coursing. Unfortunately COVID-19 restrictions mean titles have had to wait.


Arlo lives with Karen and Phil Craig and his best buddy Vivid the Dobermann in New South Wales. Like Banou, COVID has put a delay on his show and lure coursing career.