We have no puppies available at the moment. Our next plans are scheduled for mid 2022.

If you are looking for a companion puppy now, check the Saluki puppy listings on Dogzonline.

I no longer keep a waiting list. I do not breed often enough for all but the most targeted inquiries to stay on a waiting list for what could, in some cases, be 2 years or more.

It is better that someone looking for a companion gets a puppy at a time that suits them, rather than waiting years for a puppy that may or may not eventuate due to a small litter or a mating that did not take. For this reason, I also don’t do a full home screen until it’s clear there is a puppy who could be available.

I understand that sometimes people specifically want an Alshira puppy, usually for sporting reasons, but also just because what we offer is something that aligns with your values and aspirations. I am happy to tee up a time to talk about Salukis, whether that is at a dog sport event, at a show or by phone. If we agree after catching up that waiting for an Alshira puppy works well for us both, I will put you on my email update list.

Contact me by emailing info@alshirasalukis.com