Living their Best Life

While the Salukis featured elsewhere on the website compete in the show ring and on the field, the companion Salukis featured here are just as important to me and to their people. I love hearing their news and seeing photos on our Alshira Facebook group.


Nebu lives with Kathryn in New South Wales, and his Whippet boss Tash. Before going to live with Kathryn Nebu earned his Championship title.


Tink lives in QLD with Paul and Nicola and her buddy Zeke, a Wolfhound X.


Zara lives in New South Wales with Rowena and Keith and her buddies Ivy the Whippet, Sadie the Greyhound and Louis the Toy Poodle.


Auster lives with us here at Alshira. Auster earned his JC but has developed a structural issue that means that he can no longer be shown or lure course. He spends his time giving cheek to the older dogs and chasing the girls. Auster is desexed.


Ascot lives with Di and Dennis Fry and his Tenterfield Terrier friends in New South Wales. He doesn’t go to shows but he enjoys the occasional visit to the lure coursing field.


Scarlett lives in New South Wales with Sarah and Debbie and her best Saluki buddy Hugo. Scarlett is the one with black fringing on her ears.


Nixie retired to the coast in Victoria with Pam and Laurie. She enjoys life as a single princess.

Ch Alshira bint Rabha ET