Contact & Authentication

Contact Details

Anita Langford

PO Box 229, Yass, NSW, 2582, Australia

I am unavailable to take phone calls during business hours and lead a pretty busy life. Drop me an email letting me know what you’d like to talk about and I will send you my number and a good time to call so I can give the conversation my full attention.

Breeder Information, and a word about scams

I am an Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC) registered breeder, my Dogs NSW Number is 2100055259.  You can verify registered breeders on the ANKC website.  Scroll down the main page to “Registered Breeder Check”. You can also call Dogs NSW to verify that I am a registered breeder.

Scam prevention information from the Australian Government can be found here. Puppy scams take many forms. While the most popular is a scammer taking payment for a pup that does not exist, scams can also include scammers imitating legitimate transport & insurance companies and taking payments, selling unregistered dogs with the promise of pedigree papers and other fraudulent behaviour.  To protect both of us:

  • I do not take deposits or cash up front for puppies.  I will only ask for payment by bank transfer to an Australian bank account in my name just before the puppy goes to live with you.  I only take payment once I am sure that there is a happy healthy puppy that is definitely going to you and your family.  If you live in NSW or the ACT, we will already have met in person and it is likely you will have been to my home to meet the puppies and their mother.
  • I only breed Salukis.  I do not breed any other breed of dog.  There is nothing to prevent a scammer taking my breeder number from this website and pretending it is theirs. If your inquiry is about a breed that isn’t a Saluki, the member number has been used fraudulently. 
  • I never use third parties to place my puppies.  If you are not dealing with me, you are not dealing with Alshira.
  • You are welcome to contact either of the two Australian Saluki Clubs to verify that I am recognised by the Saluki community as a Saluki breeder.