We have no puppies available at the moment.  

Expressions of interest for future litters can be made by email to info@alshirasalukis.com

If you are looking for a puppy now, check the Saluki puppy listings on Dogzonline.

Is a Saluki right for you?

If you are a Saluki person, a Saluki is one of the easiest and most rewarding dogs to live with.  If you are not a Saluki person, you will find they can quickly drive you around the bend.  To discover if you might be a Saluki person, we recommend talking to other Saluki owners about what they are like to live with.  If you are on Facebook, you may wish to join Sighthound Companions Australia and The Princess Layla Fanclub to talk to other Australian Saluki owners.


If you respect independence of thought; prefer a dog who is not always in your face; and are happy to work slowly and methodically at training, a Saluki may be for you.
If your house is fully 6 foot fenced including gates to 6 foot; you don’t have fond ideas of having your dog offlead in suburban spaces; and you don’t mind dogs on the couches, a Saluki may be for you
If dog-like devotion; fast and easy obedience; and a cheery willingness to please is important to you, a Saluki is not for you
If your home is not fenced; you think dogs belong outside 24/7; and/or you want an offlead companion in suburbia, a Saluki is not for you.
A Saluki is like a 23 kilo cat in many ways.  If you find the independence of cats annoying and/or frustrating, another breed would be a better option for you.

What we do to protect our puppies

While many good homes exist out there, unfortunately not all people seeking to purchase a Saluki are willing or able to responsibly care for a Saluki. We will ask you questions to ensure that you are genuinely seeking a companion and that a Saluki is the right companion for you. We will ask you to provide a reference from your veterinarian, obedience club, previous breeders/rescuers of your dogs or similar. We will also arrange a homecheck with you prior to placing a puppy.  We understand that this may feel intrusive but we do this out of concern for the future welfare of our puppies and so that we do not unwittingly contribute to the unwanted dog population.

Our companion puppies are registered on the limited register with DogsNSW. Limited registration means that you have certification that your dog is a pure bred Saluki. You can participate in and title your Saluki in dog sports like lure coursing, obedience and agility with this registration. You cannot show or breed from a dog on the limited register.  Please contact us if you wish to show your Saluki.


Frequently Asked Questions 

How long does it take to get a puppy?

We only breed when we are ready to take the next step in our breeding program and can give a litter the time and attention it needs. Sometimes there may be years between a litter. If you are prepared to wait for a puppy, we keep a waiting list of interested people. You can also visit the Dogzonline Saluki breed page to identify breeders with litters currently available.

Where can I get a rescue Saluki?

Contact the Afghan Hound and Saluki Rescue and Rehome Service.   Both Bear and I are on the Committee of the AHSRR.

What is your policy on desexing?

We do not like to see Salukis spayed or neutered before the age of 18 months for developmental reasons. However, we have to balance this with our responsibility not to contribute to the population of unwanted dogs in shelters and pounds.  While pure bred Salukis are not over-represented in pound statistics, they do find their way into rescue and Sighthound cross breeds are sadly common in shelters and pounds due to their desirability in hunting mixes.

Companion males will have had a vasectomy before coming to live with you to ensure they cannot contribute to the unwanted dog population.  It is up to you whether you go on to neuter the dog.  We do not recommend this but understand that your local council laws may make this necessary.

Companion females will not normally be placed into homes that do not have a demonstrated track record of responsibly keeping entire females.  Owners of companion females will be eligible for a refund of $400 on submission to us of a certificate from a qualified veterinarian stating that the female has been spayed.  You may wish to consider a spay where an ovary is retained to assist with natural development.

Please contact us if you wish to show or compete with your dog in dog sports.

Do you have adult Salukis/retired show dogs available?

Very rarely.  However, we can put you in touch with responsible breeders who may be looking to place a retired show dog in a family home. An adult dog is an excellent choice for people who do not have the time or energy to commit to raising a puppy.

What colours do you supply?

We understand that you may prefer a particular colour but we cannot breed colour to order. If you turn down a puppy based on colour alone, you could well be turning down a wonderful companion. A good dog is never a bad colour.

Can I pick my own puppy?

Part of the service we provide is to match puppies to the right homes using our experience to select the best match for you and your circumstances. If we feel more than one puppy may be suitable, we will invite you to discuss with us the attributes of the puppies.

How much do you charge for a puppy?

The price of a puppy will be in the region of $1500 depending on the qualities and achievements of its parents. A rebate of $150 is available when your puppy successfully completes Puppy School at an approved obedience club or training school.  There is also a desexing rebate, as noted above.

Do you provide a puppy pack?

Yes.  Puppies are sent home with a full set of instructions for feeding, socialising and training plus a blanket and toy to help settle them in to their new home.  The puppy pack also includes a copy of your contract of sale, the puppy’s vet record and the puppy’s registration papers.

Can I buy two puppies?

We do not sell litter mates for training and development reasons. You are welcome to approach us for another puppy when your dog is 18 months old.

What health checks do you do?

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about health issues in Salukis. Parents of our puppies are taken to a vet for a thorough health check including a thyroid screen before mating. Our breeding Salukis are heart checked annually by a veterinary cardiac specialist.  You can see information about our Salukis' health records on The Saluki Archives

Bitches receive the best possible care in the house before and after the puppies are born. We also monitor health trends in different Saluki lines, and do not consider matings where in our view there is a clear risk of a problem happening.

What if my puppy develops a health problem?

Puppies will not be released to you until they are weaned, have completed their first two vaccinations and have been vet checked by our vet as being completely healthy. We encourage puppy buyers to take their puppies to their vet for a health check when they first bring the puppy home so that you too can be satisfied that your puppy is healthy. Just the same as people, dogs can sometimes develop problems later that cannot be predicted. If your puppy develops a serious congenital or genetic illness, we will refund the cost of your puppy on the provision of a second opinion confirming the diagnosis from a vet of our choice. 

What if I am no longer able to offer a home to my puppy?

We ask that you return your dog to us rather than euthanasing your Saluki or taking your Saluki to the pound. We understand that sometimes life circumstances mean that people are no longer able to provide a home for their dogs. As Salukis are a special needs breed, we are in the best position to find a suitable new home for your Saluki.

I have a cat, will it be safe if I buy a Saluki?

Different Salukis have different levels of prey drive. If you have a cat, small dog or other small animals please discuss your circumstances with us, as it will be an important consideration when selecting a puppy for you.

Can I see the parents?

Depending on the circumstances of the mating this may or may not be possible. In order to select the best possible mating, we may use dogs from interstate or imported frozen semen. However, approved puppy buyers are welcome to visit us at our home and view our dogs on a no obligation basis. If we have young puppies on the premises we will ask you to observe certain hygiene practices, including removing your shoes, to reduce the risk of our puppies contracting parvo-virus.

Can I see your health documentation?

Approved puppy buyers are welcome to view the parents’ and puppies’ health records.  Copies of the parents’ health tests will be included in your puppy pack and are uploaded to The Saluki Archives.

Where can I find your phone number?

We are happy to talk to people who are interested in the breed.  As we both have very busy lives we need to schedule time to have an uninterrupted conversation where we can give your inquiry the time it deserves.  Drop us a line at the email address below and we’ll send our phone number.

Want to know more?

Contact us at info@alshirasalukis.com